Grant Criteria

Grants will be made only to organizations whose programs benefit the residents of Washington County.

Grants from Washington County Community Foundation must meet legal and tax requirements as to purpose and may be made only to non-profit organizations and causes.

Grant recipients must show that their financial affairs are being properly administered and may be required to submit audited balance sheets and operating statements.
No grants will be made to support political parties or political campaigns.

No grants will be made specifically for sectarian religious purposes but can be made to religious organizations for general community programs.

No grants will be made exclusively for endowment creation or debt reduction of recipient organizations.

The Foundation will not consider grant applications proposed by individuals or organizations responsible to advisory bodies or persons unless letters of recommendation or approval from said advisory bodies or persons accompany the grant proposals.

Generally, grants will not be made for programs and/or equipment that were committed to prior to the grant application being submitted.

Grantees must submit final grant evaluation reports in order to be eligible to apply for future grants.

Generally, if grant applicants are turned down for a specific grant application request, they may not re-apply for the same, or similar, request in the next grant cycle.

Generally, grant applicants will be limited to two applications per grant cycle.  Applicants will be encouraged to indicate their preference.

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