The Morris Society

The Morris Society is named after Robert and Clarice Morris, two fine people who gave the Washington County Community Foundation its first planned gift in the form of a Charitable Remainder Trust. Their gift was not only generous; it also earned a match from the Lilly Endowment, Inc. and inspired others to give back to their community through the Washington County Community Foundation.

The Morris Society recognizes those individuals who, through their estate planning, have chosen to leave a charitable gift on behalf of the community to the Washington County Community Foundation to benefit their favorite charitable organizations(s) or field of interest. Some donors plan to make a gift at the end of their lifetime through a provision in their wills. Others have made provisions for a gift by naming the Washington County Community Foundation as the beneficiary of a charitable remainder trust, a charitable lead trust, a life insurance policy, or an individual retirement account or plan, etc.

Regardless of the vehicle, each donor is providing an enduring legacy, knowing that the community will benefit forever and also knowing that the Washington County Community Foundation will carry out his or her charitable intentions for time without end.

If you are interested in creating your Legacy through the WCCF, we ask that you please downlod and complete our Legacy form with as much detail as you are comfortable sharing. The information you provide is not legally binding and will help us understand your intentions for this gift. Click here to download the Legacy Letter of Intent form. (916kb PDF)

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the following individuals who made our community one of their heirs:

Current Members

Those We Remember

The Washington County Community Foundation greatly appreciates notification of any planned gift or bequest so that we can properly acknowledge the donor’s generosity and our gratitude for it in the donor’s lifetime.


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