Grant Guidelines

The broad purpose of the Washington County Community Foundation is to improve the quality of life in Washington County.

The principle consideration in any grant is its effectiveness in meeting demonstrated or perceived health, education, cultural, recreational, or social needs in the community, or in making studies to determine how best to meet such needs.

Foundation funds ordinarily are not given to agencies for the purpose of meeting routine budgets. Rather funds should be granted for:

  • Special studies that examine problems and aim to develop solutions.
  • Seed money, which initiates worthwhile projects and supports them on a planned basis until they are taken over by an appropriate agency.
  • Special non-recurring projects, which enrich health, education, cultural or recreational situations in Washington County.
  • Capital expenditures, which will improve the quality of life in Washington County.
  • Focus on those types of grants that will have the greatest benefit per dollar granted.
  • Encourage the participation of other contributions by using matching, challenge, and other grant techniques.

Wherever possible, closely relate and coordinate with the programs of other sources for funding such as government, other foundations, and associations.

Wherever possible, encourage grant recipients to achieve certain objectives such as becoming more efficient, increasing fundraising capabilities, delivering better service or products, etc.

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