Salem Community Schools Employees Give Back

 Not everyone can do everything, but everyone can do something and those somethings add up. In this case, the somethings are a couple of dollars out of each paycheck for Salem Community Schools employees that choose to give to the Salem Community Schools Giving Tree Fund.  

This year, seven Salem Community Schools employees were awarded grants from the fund.

Third grade teacher, Emily Johnson, custodian, Matt Gorman, IT specialist Don Stinnette, and Aaron Pickett, fifth grade teacher have joined forces to bring a makerspace to Bradie Shrum Elementary School.  The space will be available for any classroom in grades K-5 and has the capability to be utilized by after-school programs as well.  The space will consist of both consumable and non-consumable items such as sewing machines, K’nex, building bricks, robots, and microbits.

Pam Barry’s Kindergarten class will be continuing to build their “Kinder Garden” with the purchase of a new Lego wall.

Students in Jenisa Collier’s Kindergarten class will start their training to be engineers.  She was awarded a grant to purchase materials for STEM education to design, build, and test one-of-a-kind creations.

Kindergarten students will also be learning to code.  Materials will be shared in all Kindergarten classrooms to promote critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Students will code Botley robots which will open the door to the world or robotics and coding.

Allison Brown’s second grade classroom will be improving mindfulness and movement through literacy with the addition of yoga mats, mediation cushions, and books to support learning in a wide variety of skill areas such as movement patters, spatial concepts, social interactions, emotional regulation, and language and literacy skills to develop self-awareness.

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