County School Corporations Receive $61,000.00 for Summer Remediation Assistance


Donors to the Washington County Community Foundation along with a grant from the Indiana Association of United Ways have issued a grant of over $61,000.00 to our county school corporations.  The funds are being used to provide summer remediation within all three school corporations to help students catch up on missed days and remote learning challenges during the COVID pandemic.

West Washington School Corporation will be utilizing grant funds for teacher stipends for their “Back on Track” Summer Program and will focus on Math and English throughout grades K-12 and will focus on working intensively to build foundation skills based on individual student needs.

East Washington School Corporation and Salem Community Schools are working collaboratively on a grant to assist in addressing learning gaps and the social and emotional needs of students in grades K-12 in both corporations.  Their instructional plan will have a two-fold system of intervention for closing the gaps.  The first is small group intervention focusing on academic gaps identified and are open to both traditional and virtual students.  The second step is to focus on Reading and Math in grades K-8 and all subject areas in grades 9-12.

All three county schools developed programs that will ensure success for all students and meet their needs.

Washington County Community Foundation is a nonprofit public charity established in 1993 to serve donors, award grants, and provide leadership to improve Washington County forever


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