This section of our website has a wealth of information on how and why we award grants.  Donors like you decide when they create a fund just exactly how the grants should be awarded.  We have several different types of grants:

Touch Tomorrow Grants- Donors who establish Touch Tomorrow funds know that the future needs of Washington County are impossible to predict.  Therefore, they create Touch Tomorrow funds, so that their gift will be flexible to meet future needs.  When you establish a Touch Tomorrow Fund, you know that you are helping people who haven’t even been born overcome obstacles that we can’t even imagine.

Designated Grants- Donors who establish designated funds intend for their gift to go to the same nonprofit, year after year, forever.  This is a wonderful way to continue your support of your church or favorite nonprofit.  Designated funds allow you to keep giving, long after you are gone.

Field of Interest Grants- If you are having trouble deciding between a Designated Fund and a Touch Tomorrow Fund, then a Field of Interest Fund may be right for you.  This type of fund allows you to choose an area of impact (health, youth, the arts…) but allows future grants to be flexible to address evolving needs.

Scholarship Grants- If helping another person to achieve the dream of obtaining a college degree is your passion, then a Scholarship fund may be right for you.  When you establish this type of fund, you can establish selection criteria that future selection committees will use when awarding the scholarship.

Donor Advised Grants- If you would like to be able to recommend grants to the Board of Directors, then you should consider a Donor Advised Fund.  The purpose of the grants can vary from year to year.  

Women’s Giving Circle Grants- These grants are specifically dedicated to helping women and children in Washington County.  This is a great example of a Field of Interest grant.  Anyone can add to our Women’s Fund, or create their own Women’s Fund, which holds an annual grant cycle, usually in the spring.  

Mahuron Education Grants- These teacher grants are available to all Washington County teachers.  Applications are generally accepted in the Fall and grant awards are issued to the school system.  These grants help teachers to enhance their teaching environment by providing up to $350.00 per teacher request.  Innovation and creativity are encouraged.  

Salem Community Schools Giving Tree Grants- These grants are the same type as the Mahuron Education Grants.  However, these are funded completely by the employees of the Salem Community School System.  Through a payroll deduction program, the staff at SCS is build an endowed fund over time, and also issuing real time grants to promote innovation and creativity in the classroom.  This grant cycle also runs in the Fall of the year.  

Youth Foundation Grants- The Washington County Youth Foundation was established in 2001.  It is comprised of Washington County high school sophomores, juniors and seniors.  Each year, in the Fall, the group offers a grant cycle to their peers.  The goal of the Youth Foundation Grant Cycle is to promote community service.  Accordingly, their grant cycle funds youth-directed community service projects.

Helping you decide which fund is right for you is one of the things that we do best!  Contact us to start your journey in creating your legacy. 

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