2011 Fall Cycle - 2011 Spring Cycle

Spring Grant Cycle, 2011


Grant #

Funded by the:


Grant Amount

Washington County Chamber of Commerce




Gene and Judy Hedrick TT Fund


Glenn Armstrong TT Fund

Energize the Square – Holiday lights for the courthouse to create a holiday atmosphere.

Up to 10K cash match if the WCCoC can raise 10K by August 31, 2011. 

Outside the Walls




Salem True Value Touch Tomorrow Fund


Burl and Carmelita Jean TT Fund

Wheelchair Ramps – Ramps will be built by volunteers by code.  The objective is to make life more comfortable for the handicapped person involved.

Up to $3650.00 cash match from fund raised through the Marketplace.

Fall Grant Cycle - 2011


Funded by the


Amount Approved

Awareness Washington County

Kevin Johnson Touch Tomorrow  Fund

Washington County Farmers and Artisans- start up costs for the organization that provides an opportunity to showcase the talents of raisers and artisans in the area to develop a dynamic market for them to display and vend their products


Salem Fire Department

Bob and Carol Strange Touch Tomorrow  Fund

Smoke Detectors – distribute and install smoke detectors to those who may not have or be able to afford one


Town of Campbellsburg

Bob and Clarice Morris Touch Tomorrow  Fund

Water Utility Project for the Town of Campbellsburg and North Brown Rural Water Corporation – matching funds for and OCRA grant.


Dare to Care

Carol Ruth Mosier Touch Tomorrow  Fund

Salem Mortgage Touch Tomorrow  Fund

Backpack Buddy Program – Continuation of the program at Bradie Shrum Schools so that children do not go hungry over the weekend and Christmas and Spring breaks


American Red Cross

John Colglazier Touch Tomorrow  Fund

Disaster Preparedness – Part one consists of strategic placement of disaster supply storage units that grant funds will be used to purchase.  Part 2 is a request for funds to be held in reserve for disaster response in Washington County

Up to $1864.00 matching grant for money raised on the MarketPlace

West Washington Junior/Senior High School

PNC Touch Tomorrow  Fund

Fresh Food for the Senators – Vegetables grown on sight to add to the school lunches consumed by student, faculty, and staff throughout the school year.

Matching grant of up to $1000.00 for money raised through the MarketPlace

Betterment Committee of Campbellsburg

Garland and Norma Sue White Touch Tomorrow  Fund

Kitchen Improvements – Refrigerator and range for the kitchen of the Community Building


Junior Achievement

Marvin and Sandy Clark Touch Tomorrow  Fund

First Harrison Touch Tomorrow  Fund

Programming in Washington County – Educational programming focusing on economic and financial literacy.


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